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Amsterdam – the best places and attractions to explore, experience and eat

Amsterdam – the best places and attractions to explore, experience and eat

Amsterdam has many popular attractions to explore. Some of which are significant to history and others worth exploring if you want to dig into the Dutch culture.

Amsterdam bridge

Zaanse Schans

With extensive meadows in the background, you are able to see the windmills turning slowly in the distance. A magnificent spectacle, the windmills of Zaanse Schans create a serene scene. The windmills belong to a neighbourhood of Zaandam, Amsterdam. These are the windmills you can see at Zaanse Scahns:

  • De Huisman
  • De Gekroonde Poelenburg
  • De Kat
  • De Zoeker
  • Het Jonge Schaap
  • De Bonte Hen
  • De Os
  • Het Klaverblad
  • De Bleeke Dood
  • De Ooievaar
  • Mini-mills on the Schans.

These well-preserved and historic windmills were established in the early 1960’s. The Zaanse Schans is one of the most popular tourist attractions.  Zaanse Schans forms part of the European Route of Industrial Heritage. Other than the extraordinary windmills, you can visit the Zaans Museum that is located next to the Zaanse Schans. Visiting the Zaanse Schans is part of C The World’s European Tour

.Amsterdam Windmill

Volendam, a beautiful harbour village

There are many things to do at this little village. First, a stroll along the main harbour strip will lead you to little stalls and a residential area. You’ll find trawlers and fishing boats, which is the lifeblood for many living in surrounding areas. Being that it is a fishing village, be sure to sample from the fresh seafood at the harbour. Some popular attractions in Volendam include:

Red Light District

The Red Light District is located in the city of Amsterdam. Lined with medieval alleyways, the Red Light District is locally known as De Wallen. The area is southeast of the Central Station and is in close proximity to the neon-lit canals of Oudezijds Voorburgwal that run from the Grimburgwal to the Sea Wall. Merging into the Oudezijds Kolk.

Heineken brewery

At the Heineken Brewery you can expect an informative and interactive experience. With several different brewery tours, either way it’s a guarantee that you’ll have a brilliant time. This is a must to visit when touring Amsterdam, as the Heineken Brewery isn’t your usual brewery museum.

Part of the experience is a walk through on how beer is created. What’s more, after the tour and activities, be sure to make your way to the rooftop to enjoy your Heineken drinks overseeing mesmerising views of the beautiful city.

Anne Frank’s House

A self-guide tour, at the Anne Frank’s House will take you back to the devastating past when Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis. The rooms in which the family hid is perfectly preserved and displays the harsh reality of life for Jews during the Holocaust. Just being able to walk in the very rooms where the family lived is moving and offers great insight into the strength and plight of those who were oppressed. Otto Frank did a great job at documenting what the family and those who perished endured. The main feature of course is the diary of Anne Frank, well known for its raw truths. Every single page of her diary is in a glass display for visitors to view.

Ensure that you order your tickets online as you can expect quite a long queue, as queuing visitors only enter after 3 p.m.

Restaurants in Leidse Pleins

The Italian

Visit this restaurant for what could be the best pizza you’ve tasted, well at least in Amsterdam.

Where: Bosboom Toussainstraat 29

Brasserie Blazer

A culinary journey through some classic French dishes in a relaxed setting.

Where: Lijnbaansgracht 190

Café George

For fast yet amazingly good food, head over to Café George, which is well known for serving delicious steak fries and risotto.

Where: Leidsegracht 84

Buffet van Odette

As beautiful and lively as the Leidse Pleins is, the Buffer van Odette gives you a break from the hustle and bustle.

Where: Prinsengracht 598

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