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The Hofbräuhaus München Experience

The Hofbräuhaus München Experience

Munich is known for an abundant supply of local beer. After the Oktoberfest, the Hofbräuhaus München claims the title of the most iconic tourist attraction in Munich. While this beer hall is a popular tourist attraction, management reports that half of its visitors are in fact regular customers. Some of these beer lovers are even luckier to store their personal mugs in the padlocked cages on the first floor of the beer house.

After a commission established that Munich have its own brewery in the late 1500s, the Hofbräuhaus München was soon founded. This brewery has been moved on several occasions over of the years and under the power of different dukes. However, by 1897, the beer hall we know today opened its doors to tourist and locals alike.

The Hofbräuhaus München is renowned by the city of Munich and is operated by Michael and Wolfgang Sperger, whose parents were the previous landlords of the Hofbräuhaus München.

Unforgettable beer experience

Eat and drink

This iconic beer house can host up to 3500 beer drinkers and diners simultaneously. On busy days, it comes as no surprise that the Hofbräuhaus München sees up to 30 000 guests.

Depending on the atmosphere you’re looking for, there is a spot that is sure to suit your every mood. Of course, the Hofbräuhaus München is more than its long history and great beer, if you’re looking to grab a bite or have a casual meal make your way to the main floor. In addition, on the main floor a cool gift shop has awesome souvenirs such as traditional stoneware beer mugs as well as Hofbräuhaus t-shirts and trinkets on sale.

On the second floor, a more refined ambience, most appealing to those travelling from western countries such as the USA.

If you’re looking to join in on festivities the Bavarian way, be sure to go to the top floor, the Festive Hall is where the Bavarian Evening is hosted. Here, a buffet is on offer, including a folklore show. Considering it is Europe after all, the price sure is reasonable bearing in mind how delicious the food is. You’ll get the likes of crisp-skinned roast pork, sausages, grilled chicken, and a Munich traditional dish – apple strudel, all included in the buffet. What’s more, when dining during warmer evenings there is outdoor seating under the tree-shaded beer garden which is able to seat at least 400 people.

Beer garden

One of the most popular beers to be bought at the beer hall is the Hofbrau Original lager or Helles. For a more traditional taste, be sure to try the Dunkles, however, it is slightly stronger than the regular varieties. If you’re enthusiastic about trying new types of beer, be sure to taste the strongest beer, the Oktoberfestbier and Maibock, which has holds approximately 7.2 percent alcohol. If you’re travelling alone, the taproom and beer garden may feel too much as it can get a little crowded. Considering that it is compulsory to share tables, introverts might find this an unpleasant experience. So if this is not for you avoid it and visit the beer hall outside the normal meal hours or after 10pm instead. However, I do feel like this is an awesome way to meet new people particularly if you’re travelling solo.

Location and nearby attractions

The Hofbräuhaus München is located a walking distance away from the Marienplatz, central square in the city centre of Munich.

What’s great about this iconic attraction is that it is open daily, which includes major holidays such as Christmas Day. Operating hours are from 9 a.m. to 11.30 p.m.

C The World’s Europe tour includes a visit to the Hofbräuhaus München where you get to spend the evening at this traditional German Beer Keller.

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