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Five random facts about Amsterdam

Five random facts about Amsterdam

Canals, bicycles, windmills, marijuana, wooden clogs, cheese, Anne Frank’s house, and stroopwafels… these are all things people often associate with Amsterdam. But there is much more to Amsterdam than meet the eye!

Here are five random facts you might not have known about the Dutch capital.

1. There are more bicycles than there are people

Amsterdam is a city built for bicycles almost more than it is built for cars. It is a well-known fact that the city is ruled by cyclists of every shape and form. In fact, 60% of traffic is attributed to cyclists. Some walk their dogs by bike, others transport kids or furniture, and still, others simply make their way to work by bike whilst eating an apple and texting at the same time!

There are roughly 850,000 people living within the city limits of Amsterdam, and it is estimated that there are more than 850,000 bicycles in the city.


2.Plenty bicycles end up in the canals

There are 165 canals in Amsterdam – which means there’s clearly a lot of opportunities to fall into the water… Did you know that between 12,000-15,000 bicycles end up in the canals every year?


3.There are more bridges than in Venice

Well, with more 165 canals, one would expect a lot of bridges. Amsterdam is said to have 1281 bridges – almost three times as many as Venice.


4.There are more than 30 parks to explore

Even though it’s a city, parks and public spaces abound in Amsterdam. There are more than 30 parks in the city to pick and choose from, including the Vondelpark, which is said to attract some nine million people each year.

ams park

5.Don’t fret about your pet

Low-income residents are allowed to take their pet to the vet for free once a year.


Amsterdam is a wonderful city to explore. C the World would love to have you on our next tour! Find out more here.

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