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This is why we love Thailand

This is why we love Thailand

From the tropical beaches of Phi Phi Island and golden temples and statues scattered throughout the country, to sunset boat cruises and cuisine bursting with fresh flavours – Thailand easily steals a traveller’s heart.

This is why we love Thailand:

1. The food

Travellers who like to discover a country through savouring its food will fall in love with Thailand on a whim.

Bursting with fresh, local ingredients like lemongrass, chillies, vegetables and seafood, among others, we have yet to find a traveller who doesn’t like Thai food.

If food is really your thing, you could even join a cooking class and hone your Thai cooking skills.
dinner and drinks in thailand

2. The people

Thai people are some of the friendliest, warm and welcoming people.

Many who have visited Thailand will tell you in their first few sentences that the ever-comforting Thai smile was one of the highlights of their trip.
thai market

3. The natural beauty

In between the draped electrical cables, thousands of cars, scooters skyscrapers and Tuk-Tuks in crowded cities and towns like Bangkok and Phuket, is the rural heartland of Thailand with its rice paddies, tropical forests, villages, mountains, waterfalls, beaches and islands.

The ragged limestone cliffs of Krabi invites the beginner and avid rock climber alike to explore its nooks and crannies. And if heights are not your thing, you can simply admire the cliffs from the turquoise waters.

Ko Lipe, diving with whale sharks off Ko Tao, scaling the sea cliffs of Krabi, kiteboarding in Hua Hin, partying on Ko Phi-Phi, recuperating at a health resort on Ko Samui
thai beach

4. The buzz

Bangkok with its unending shopping options and hip and happening nightlife is something to experience. The same goes for Phuket. These cities never seem to sleep, offering lots of fun and excitement for visitors.

Have you been to Thailand before? What was your favourite place? We’re headed to Thailand in March 2019 and would love to invite you along!
Bangkok Skyline

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