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Travelling alone: tips for a spectacular solo journey.

Travelling alone: tips for a spectacular solo journey.

So you’ve decided to venture on a solo journey, as you haven’t found a suitable travel buddy. It’s a scary feeling. Many fear loneliness. Stress no more, here’s a brief guideline to traversing beautiful destinations without a friend to tag along.

Trail hiking in Europe

Staying safe

Safety can be a huge concern when travelling alone. And while the saying goes “safety in numbers”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’d be at risk. There are many ways you can avoid being singled out. No need to fret as being alone means that you can easily fit into a group without drawing attention to yourself.

Alone but never lonely

One of the biggest fears is the feeling of loneliness. This is probably one of the main reasons why people put off travelling. But when wandering through magnificent destinations such as Europe, you’ll find natural meeting spots, especially during peak season. Here you can meet and interact with people from all around the world.

Eating out

Eating out is another way to interact with locals. It’s about tasting different foods and exploring a new destination. And so, it’s a great excuse to get out and experience the culture. Even when you’re dining alone, hopping around from restaurant to the next will prove fun.

Photography mission

Keep busy by making it your mission to photograph as much of your trip as possible. By photographing as you tour, you’ll be capturing precious memories. When you return home, you’ll have plenty photos to show family and friends.

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