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Top Must-Try Foods in Portugal

Top must-try foods in Portugal

Many a great city with great people and great food exists – we all know that. Portugal is one of those places that mustn’t get left off the list. In fact, in the eyes of the Portuguese (just like the Italians), food is always a cause for celebration.

Known around the world for its sweet treats from heaven, otherwise known as Pasteis de Nata, its mouthwatering peri-peri chicken, sardines, and more, Portugal is an unending well of goodness for those who travel after their noses and stomachs – and even those who aren’t necessarily foodies may just find themselves converted.

Here are our top five must-try foods in Portugal:


We know what you might be thinking… really? Sardines?


Few things beat good an ol’ grilled fish – let alone the Portuguese’s grilled sardines. A perfect, affordable snack and a staple of the country, sardines can also quickly be turned into a full-on meal (think sardines on a fresh Portuguese roll…).



Keeping to the fresh seafood, bacalhau is another must-try when discovering Portugal. Also known as salted, dried codfish, this dish is extremely popular throughout the country. Did you know there are apparently more than 1000 recipes for it?! Bacalhau is usually prepared on the grill (although some do boil or bake it). When a local offers you bacalhau, or when you see it on a menu, don’t think twice – go for it!



Even though this name might sound like everything else but food – don’t let the name fool you. Just imagine: thinly-sliced pork cutlet, marinated in a white wine and garlic mixture, slapped on a fresh, oh-so-soft Portuguese roll. Makes your mouth drool, doesn’t it?


4.Chicken peri-peri

A restaurant that serves grilled chicken in a home-made peri-peri sauce is as common in Portugal as a pizzeria is in Italy. Usually served with rice or fries, it’s a classic Portuguese dish and it’s an absolute must-try.

chicken peri peri

5.Pasteis de Nata

Made with puff pastry and filled with the most decadent custard in the middle, these tiny custard tarts are more than just tarts. They are actually heaven in your mouth. They are readily available throughout the country, but some of the best ones are found in Lisbon and Alcobaça.


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