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Top places to travel to in 2019 according to Forbes

Top places to travel to in 2019 according to Forbes

Though the economy might be looking bleak and the petrol price constantly rising, that shouldn’t keep you from making sure your travel dreams stay alive!

Laura Begley Bloom‘s recent article published on Forbes.com, piqued our interest with these top destinations to travel to in 2019 (according to some of the world’s top travel experts). Perhaps some of them are on your list too?

1. Montenegro

Montenegro is perhaps a place people aren’t too familiar with yet. But that is changing quickly. The fact that there are a couple of UNESCO World Heritage towns, beautiful empty beaches, a growing wine culture and food to die for, makes it a must-visit destination. Whether you want to relax, shop or socialize, Montenegro is calling your name!

5876418 - kotor - montenegro

2. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is Slovenia’s capital and largest city. It is known to be a young and lively city with picturesque views. One of things you have to do if you can, is sail the Ljubljanica River on a traditional wooden boat to take in the city from another angle.


3. Poland

We love Poland and were intrigued when Natalie Beauregard from AFAR, mentioned Poland as one of her a go-to destinations in 2019. We couldn’t agree more. In the article on Forbes, Beauregard says one of the great things about Poland at the moment is its “youthful energy”, and arts and culture scene.


4. Krabi, Thailand

Krabi in Thailand is apparently another go-to place this year. Talk about a location from where you can walk away rested and revived! Even with all its press attention the last couple of years, it still seems to be flying under the radar – at least in comparison to Bangkok and Phuket.

Book a trip to Thailand in peak season this April. You will fall in love with the beautiful landscape Thailand has to offer. Don't miss a chance to see Islands such as Krabi, Phi Phi and Phuket and of course the capital Bangkok is a must.

5. Alicante, Spain

According to avid traveler, Tania L Swasbrook, who specialises in ultra luxury travel with a particular passion for wellness, romance and adventure, Alicante in the Valencia region of southeastern Spain should also be on our radars. She describes this place as a “beautiful and picturesque destination set on the hills of the Mediterranean Sea between the bay of Altea and the natural park of Sierra Helada. There are stunning views, plus the weather is amazing year round.”


Will you be travelling to any of these destinations this year? We have a couple of them scheduled in our 2019 calendar. Contact us to find out more!

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